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Beautified by Tiana Marie

“BE YOU” bracelet by: Sage O’ava Tatum

“BE YOU” bracelet by: Sage O’ava Tatum

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Sage O’ava Tatem, a 5-year-old, kindergarten, entrepreneur from Allentown, PA, is the child of Tremayne and Gracie Tatem. Sage is always eager to learn and grow. Outside of school, she enjoys activities like gymnastics, visiting the Davinci Center, creating art at the Allentown Museum, and spending time in the park. Sage’s entrepreneurial spirit is both inspiring and courageous; she launched her own business selling affirmation bracelets designed to uplift people. These bracelets have become immensely popular within the community. Recently, Sage’s business collaborated with Beautified by Tiana Marie ,  “empowering women”, to produce branded bracelets saying “BE YOU”.

Additionally, she received a $500 grant from SWAN Stars to craft bracelets with children at LV Reilly Children’s Hospital. Sage exemplifies the potential achievable through hard work, determination, and a positive mindset.

Instagram: @sage_oava


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